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TeO2 Crystal & Q Switch

 TeO2 is an excellent ascousto-optic (AO) crystal with high AO figure of merit,
birefringence, good optical rotation and slow propagation velocity along
[110] direction. The resolution of AO devices made of TeO2 crystals will increase
several levels than others. It is an ideal single crystal material for preparation of
AO rotators, modulators, resonators, tuning filters and other AO devices.
The TeO2 crystal can be used in the field of astronomy,  laser publishing, laser recorder and so on.The application filed of TeO2 crystal
is huge. We can provide TeO2 crystal at size of 120 X 80 X 40mm3 on all direction,
as well as cylinder or cuboid shape single crystals

 Physica Properties
Crystal Structure
Point Group
Lattice Parameter )nm)
a   0.4810
c   0.7613
5.99 g/cm3
Melting Point
Mohs Hardness
Transparency Range (nm)
350 ~ 500
Gradient of Refractive Index(?0-15)/cm
≤ 5
Refractive Index
no = 2.260
n = 2.142
Phase Velocity (m/s)
Photo-elastic Coefficient
P11=0.074   P13=0.340   P31=0.091   P33=0.240
Figure of Merit( ?0-18S3)/g
M2 793


An AOM usual chooses the deflected beam as the one that is used in the optical system because it can be switched on and off with high extinction ratio and the intensity can be varied from zero to more than 85% of the incident beam. 
Principal applications for AOMs are pre-press, laser imaging and displays, switching in telecom fibers, laser and research.
High speed of modulation, high diffraction efficiency, high extinction ratio, small dimension and so on