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Silicon Carbide Ceramic Heat Exchanger Tube

Silicon carbide ceramics have excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical stability and overall performance compared with traditional metals, graphite, glass, plastic and other tube materials. Novel silicon carbide heat exchanger with enhanced heat exchanger efficiency, uptime and reliability can be wildly used in electric power, iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, textile and other industrial prospects involving high temperature, high pressure, strong acid corrosion, strong abrasion and other harsh conditions.
Main characteristics of SiC tube of SICCAS:
Ø Superior thermal conductivity
SiC ceramic have thermal conductivity of 3 times more than commonly extruded graphite tubes, twice that of tantalum, 5 times that of stainless steel, 10 times that of Hastelloy and 15 times that of glass. The result is higher efficiency while requiring less heat transfer area.
Ø Universal Corrosion Resistance:
SiC ceramic is universally corrosion resistant against virtually all chemicals even up to 200. SiC tubes have been proven for years in HF, bromine, high concentration nitric, mixed acids, bases, oxidants and chlorinated organics which has excellent serving time in heat exchanger applications.
Ø Extreme Mechanical Strength:
SiC ceramic have a density higher than 98% of theoretical and no low melting point phase. It is 50% harder than tungsten carbide, so it offers superb wear resistance and total impermeability at extreme temperature and pressure, and allows higher velocity and improved heat transfer. Permitted pressure can up to 2MPa to assure reliability and added safety. Also, SiC can be used in specific applications such as medical and food due to its extreme hardness and high purity.
SiC heat exchanger tube sizes:
SICCAS supplies SiC heat exchanger tubes in lengths of 4.5 meters and mainly in 14 mm, and 19 mm outside diameters with thickness of 2.0 and 2.25mm. Also other specifications can be customized to meet specific heat exchanger needs with 3-35mm outside diameters.
Main physical performance characters:

Physical Properties

Typical Values

Bulk density(g.cm-3


Flexural Strength (MPa)


Radial compressive strength(MPa)


Fracture toughness (MPa·m1/2


Rockwell hardness (HRA)


Thermal conductivity (W/m·K, R.T.)


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

(´10-6 K-1, R.T.)


Modulus of Elasticity(GPa)


Poisson ratio